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Ceramics Pottery Gift Ideas Under €50 for Everyone on Your List

Ceramics Pottery Gift Ideas Under €50 for Everyone on Your List

The holiday season is upon us (whether we're ready or not), and with it comes the joy of giving. It sometimes doesn't feel like €50 can go far in the way of gift buying, but we're here to show you otherwise. By choosing to gift one of our handmade ceramics pottery pieces, you not only stay within budget but also offer a unique and meaningful present.

Each piece of Charlie Mahon Ceramics Pottery is handmade from white earthenware clay, hand-painted with one of our iconic designs, and beautifully finished with a high-gloss glaze and twice fired by award-winning Irish ceramic artist Charlie Mahon himself. All our Irish pottery is made here in Cork, Ireland and is microwave and dishwasher safe. For each of our pieces (mug, bowl, rectangular plate, square plate,...), we have four iconic designs to choose from to match their special interests – Red Heart, Green Heart, Mackerel Fish, and Sheep.

Join us as we share the types of people you might be buying for and which of our hand-crafted Irish ceramics pottery pieces is a lovely match for them. Truly, when we say there are ceramics pottery gift ideas for everyone on your list, we mean it. We also offer free shipping for orders within the Republic of Ireland over €45.


Charlie Mahon Ceramics Pottery mug beside knitting

1. The Creative Soul

For that friend or family member who is always sketching, painting, or crafting, you may be surprised that diving into creative pursuits often creates an oversight of hydration. A hand-crafted ceramics pottery mug is ideal for hydration – and harder to confuse with the water jar for painters! To create your own gift basket of goodies, stop into Cork Art Supplies for a sketchpad and pencils.


A handmade ceramics pottery mug sits atop a small square ceramics plate. Each has a green heart hand painted on it by Charlie Mahon Ceramics Pottery. Made in Ireland. The duo dit on a plaid blanket with the Irish countryside in the background.

2. The Work From Home Pro

When working from home, it's easy to overlook mealtime or opt for quick, unhealthy snacks. Having a beautiful handmade pottery plate signals the importance of taking a break, but also helps find joy in small rituals. Alternatively, give them one of our hand-crafted mugs with a small square plate that is an ideal saucer to avoid coffee stain circles on their desk.


3. The Foodie or Baker

For a foodie who appreciates the beauty of presentation, a handmade bowl adds an extra layer of aesthetic appeal to their dining experience. It elevates olives for nibbling or yogurt & muesli to a new level. To create your own gift basket of goodies, include a set of spices or seasonings from our English Market neighbor, Mr. Bell's Gourmet Emporium.


4. The Coffee Connoisseur

Gifting one of our Mug & Small Square Plate set adds a distinctive touch to the recipient's collection. The small plate acts as a lovely saucer for the mug, or as a plate to put a pastry. Handcrafted ceramics carry a sense of authenticity that they would appreciate given their focus on types of beans and roasting techniques. The photo above shows a set from our Sheep collection.


A bouquet of flowers presented in a large ceramics bowl hand painted with a red heart. Charlie Mahon Ceramics Pottery is handmade in Ireland.

5. The Green Thumb

If you have a friend or family member with a love for gardening or indoor plants, consider gifting a mug or a small bowl. As a gift, a handmade piece of pottery becomes a cherished item that can be used and enjoyed for years, creating lasting memories with each garden break. The image above shows the medium bowl from our Red Heart collection holding flowers fresh from the garden.


Coffee with milk sitting beside a book and christmas decorations

6. The Bookworm

Bookworms often appreciate the artistry and effort that go into creating unique and handmade items. Whether the bookworm is hosting a book club meeting or sharing a meal with friends, the handmade medium square plate or small rectangular plate becomes a focal point, prompting discussions about art, craftsmanship, and shared interests.


A handmade Irish pottery mug resting on a table. It is hand painted with a smiling sheep. Behind the mug there is a jar of red jam and a stack of pancakes. A roaring fireplace is in the far background. The mug is made in Ireland by Charlie Mahon Ceramics Pottery.

7. The Shepherd/Farmer

It's essential to gift any farmer something that serves a practical purpose, but it can also be outside the box. Browse pieces from our iconic Sheep collection and you may see a woolly friend your farmer will love. Whether it's sipping coffee from a handmade mug during sunrise or serving a hearty meal on a handcrafted plate after a day's work, it is as close to self-care as some farmers get during lambing season. And each piece of our Irish pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe to stand up to everyday use.


This holiday season, make your gift-giving experience a meaningful one by choosing local and handmade treasures. By doing so, you not only delight your loved ones with thoughtful presents but also contribute to the vibrancy and sustainability of your local community. We have a Gift Ideas section on our website to save you time. Cheers to a season of giving that leaves a lasting impact!


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